IRIDAEZA is an online + pop-up retailer focused on mindfulness, cannabis, and travel. 


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 we offer quality items that help you feel connected, empowered, and that inspire reflection. 


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MINDFULNESS: items and inspiration to dive into the present moment and celebrate the feminine

CANNABIS: magazines and accessories that encourage connection and perspective-shifting

TRAVEL: accessories that help you feel more comfort away from home, and photos that share insight and experience

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A student of yoga and meditation for over 10 years, Emma teaches meditation based in mindfulness techniques. Her goal is to help people understand their inner selves a little better, and she offers manifestation guidance to pair with the awareness of thought-patterns that arise within a mindfulness practice. In early 2018 she received a 200 hour Yoga Teacher certificate from Tosha Yoga in Arcata, California, and throughout the years has sat at 10 day silent meditation retreats. She finds herself with a deep curiosity for self-knowledge and loves the learning that comes with teaching. 

Emma grew up in South Dakota and lived in various cities throughout the west side of the United States before moving to Humboldt County, CA in 2013. It was in Humboldt that she met an abundance of entrepreneurial womxn who wanted and needed support in their businesses, thus bringing the business support services portion of iridaeza to life.

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