There are alot of personalities, and personality types, working closely in an office together, you know this, you're there 5 days a week. 

Meditation and mindset are the talk of the wellness industry, and I'm here for it. 

I've worked with clients such as Deloitte, and ExxonMobile.

At Deloitte, we worked to bring relaxation and de-stress to the team, and overall environment in the workspace.

With ExxonMobile, we worked with a group of managers to help them find peace of mind during tough decisions and long hours. 

Mindfulness meditation is my twist on insight meditation. Insight meditation is a technique used by millions of people around the world. The way I use it differently is, I put a mindset and inquiry spin on it that appeases the busy mind. You will go deep with this meditation, feel at ease and aware, and I will also be guiding so the mind can ease it's way into understanding the experience. 

Mindset journaling is a way of clearly connecting your meditation experience to your everyday life. It's also a type of reward for the mind, like a 'job well done' during meditation, AND it's a productive reward! Integrating the meditation experience is an important piece to long-lasting change. 

Combining these two techniques, gives access to potent discoveries in ourselves that bring out hidden habits and beliefs in the subconscious. These habits and beliefs control everything we do- from survival, like housing and community, to what we purchase, read, and how we react; what we 'no' to, what we say 'yes' to. 

This is a great team building exercise, and is great for high stress positions!




“Emma creates an open and inviting space to explore meditation. Whether this is your first time or you practice regularly, her guided meditations focus on bringing awareness to your body and breath. I've enjoyed getting to experience her sessions both virtually and in-person, and look forward to more opportunities to share her gifts with others.”

  • Livia Marati, Founder Ina Wellness Collective

“Working with Emma was a wonderful experience. The combination of meditation & journaling was really powerful and deeply rejuvenating. Emma held space so warmly & her journaling prompts were on point. I highly recommend checking this out!”

  • Adam Bones, Adam Bones Mentoring

“I’ve been meditating daily since 2016; on my own, using guided videos, and in small group settings, but I have never experienced as profound a moment as when I sat with Emma in her guided meditation and journaling session this weekend.

The collective energy of the space and other practitioners in the room was incredibly high, allowing for the ability to quickly drop into my body and away from my mind. Her voice is perfectly pitched to allow you to fall behind it, the playlist she chose was just right for the mood, and her verbal cues are well spaced to allow for guidance without force. The awareness that was created with Emma’s journaling prompts was deep, and my cleared mindspace allowed for ego-free writing.

I highly recommend Emma’s mediations and mindset coaching to everyone on the path who is seeking to dive further into the all that is inside us.”

  • Ashley Rose, Founder Ashley Rose Designs