The Inner Work of Racial Justice

Journal prompts -join in any time!

  1. What struck you about this chapter? -Applicable to each chapter as you go. Some will be more potent for you than others, just notice what you feel called to address.
  2. What were your first thoughts, feels, reactions?
  3. What did you know? What was new?
  4. What was difficult to accept? What can and will you do about that? How can you find support within yourself or your community to serve your highest self in this awareness?
  5. What are your personal takeaways?
  6. What is your personal call to action?
  7. Where do you need to heal?

6 thoughts on “The Inner Work of Racial Justice

  1. iridaeza Post author

    THIS. I’ve dogeared so many pages in this book to revisit, but I couldn’t help to share this paragraph. … “We all have minds that instantly, unconsciously create schemas and stereotype others. These schemas make it difficult to take in information that challenges them. When faced with information that challenges our stereotypes, we have seen that we often experience what cognitive scientists call ‘cognitive dissonance,’ the discomfort or stress that comes from encountering information that differs from what we have come to ‘know’ or believe. And what’s more, this dissonance is often experienced not merely as stressful, but as threatening– so much so that we engage in what cognitive scientists call ‘motivated reasoning’ aimed at pushing back and seeking to maintain our positions even against evidence to the contrary.”

  2. iridaeza Post author

    The way Rhonda writes is simple yet complex in the way she weaves personal experience with educated research. The work in this book is maybe not as earth-shattering or shocking as the way it feels as it’s presented in the streets with activism, but I can feel it tugging at places deep in my heart and my psyche. It’s having a profound effect on the ways I can see myself putting social constructs on people, and myself. More than once I’ve experienced tears and reverence for this writing, and I’m only on page 97! — Quotes coming at you soon!

  3. iridaeza Post author

    The book has arrived! So far, I’ve read the forward, the intro, & chapter 1. I’m very happy with the pick. It’s easy to read & has valuable, digestible lessons & insights with practical action steps so we can truly integrate as we go. πŸ’« Join us from anywhere at any time πŸ’«

  4. iridaeza Post author

    Welcome to the the first book in Bookclub Iridaeza! We’re so happy you’ve joined us. Leave your comments here. We want to share in the experience, learning your perspective of this journey. This is a safe space, keep your comments mindful and respectful. With love, Emma


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