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Tedra Baymiller

Founder, Owner, Full Bloom Healing Arts

“I look forward to continuing to work with Emma as my business continues to grow. She is professional, creative & inspired, with a wide array of skill sets. She has decreased my stress exponentially by taking the reins on my social media management. She has a warmhearted approach in engaging with my audience that I highly value. I am grateful to be in such good hands. Thank you Emma!”

Amber Word

Co-Founder, Blue Amber Trio Boutique

“Iridaeza has redefined what co-visioning and co-creating means to me. There is a flow and resonance to working with Emma that has allowed the look, feel and navigation of the Blue Amber Trio website to be in true alignment with my desires while seamlessly adding an Iridaeza-flare with her product photography. Communication is clear, execution is timely and when brainstorming desires, I am often met with ideas for even better implementation. Emma also has a way of being very clear and concise with what she can deliver and in how much time, I rarely see this trait in creatives. This gives a stability and accountability of working together that is invaluable and truly cherished. I would truly recommend Emma to any small businesses that need a helping hand. Her aesthetically-pleasing adaptability has shown that she can show up, in full presence, for a wide variety of small business needs, from social media management, to Shopify online store management and product photography. Lastly, her experience as a meditation teacher brings a level of awareness to her work that is infused in all she does.”

Jennifer Wiest

Founder, Owner Amrita Botanicals

“Emma has been a great help to me and my company/brand many times over in the last couple of years.  She is multifaceted with her skills, from taking photos of my products and my healing sessions, and using those to boost my social media. She also built me a simple but elegant website, which I love and works great.  She has always been there to answer questions along the way and is very professional.  She has a great eye for design, which I appreciate and have found very useful in elevating my products and the whole look of my brand.  I always enjoy working with her and look forward to working with her on projects in the future.”

Local Guam Business Owner

“Talking to Emma and understanding how to change my mindset has changed my way of doing things. I got 2 orders within a week. I am in contact with 2 micro influencers.
I have changed the content I share, focusing more of life on Guam rather than ‘buy my bag buy my bag’. I connected Google analytics to the website, and I can see that in 2 days we got 35 visitors. So I know something I’m doing is working. Thank you for your insight and just listening and validating my efforts. It really helped me feel confident.”

Moñeka & Michelle

Heads of MCCA

“Emma is thorough, detail oriented, easy to work with, and all around a wonderful person! Her prices are reasonable and she’s super knowledgable on websites/social media. Highly recommend!”

Miranda Sage

Events Coordinator at Om Shala Yoga

“Emma is a bundle of Joy! I’ve only worked with her 6 short months and already feel like we’ve been on a team for years. She’s skillful, positive, self-motivated, and a team oriented gal. Emma is dependable. She has a strong work ethic that allows our team to set and achieve successful goals, while co-creating a positive and fun environment to work in. I’m grateful to share space with Emma and hope to work with her on more future events.” 

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