Accessories that bring you to the moment. Magazines that belong on your bookshelf & in your wellness routine.

Mindfulness: awareness of the life you’re living, being in tune with your ultimate truth.

Feminism: support and celebration of the feminine in all things. 

Selfcare: listening to yourself and taking action on what you need to feel and find some balance.


Accessories and magazines to honor this timeless plant, from a modern, sophisticated, and women’s point of view.

Cannabis: the gorgeous female plant, healing the physical and mental.

ECS: found throughout the physical body that benefits from the plant. 

Ritual: inviting different perspectives for the mind to work with.

Connection: to sensation in the body, to movement of the mind, to emotion.


Accessories that help you travel with more comfort and style. Photos to inspire your own adventures, and bring insight to the places we’ve been.

Travel: visiting places and experiencing things. 

Curiosity: to seek awareness of what and who is out there. 

Expansion/Empathy: to seek understanding of yourself and others.  

R&R: to take yourself out of familiar movements and live presently in the moment.


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