My love for writing and design

have brought me to the professional side of social media and online marketing and management, and I’m loving it! I’ve been a personal assistant for many years, directly supporting others in their business ventures. Growing from these experiences, I realized there was a need for Social Media Management.

Over the years, working within varying degrees of customer service, I have acquired the skills to interact confidently with your target customers, clients, and affiliates. Actively participating on social media and keeping your online presence up to date is essential to growing your business and keeping it vibrant.

Social media is a powerful tool. We have the space to create a living, breathing voice. Working with you and your team to understand the driving efforts behind your passion, we will embrace your brand’s voice while maintaining a cohesive network appearance.

At iridaeza, we value integrity and communication. Our role with your company is truly a collaboration.

With dedication and inspiration, Emma Fuglsby, Owner.



Let’s talk about:

why you’re unique

what your customers/clients need to know

who you want to collaborate with

where you want your products or services to be featured

how you want people to feel when they interact with you online



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