With a passion for wanting you to feel connected, inspired, and empowered, Iridaeza was born. We are a mindful, CBD-infused lifestyle brand that brings you meditations + high-quality items for your home and body. What we mean by CBD-infused is that we offer products for your home and body that are either made with CBD,ย or have a cannabis theme, such as our prints from Goldleaf.


Established in 2017, we started as a resource for small businesses and women entrepreneurs who came to us for design and social media help. We have met and worked with many creative, driven, women-owned businesses and individuals! In 2020, we shifted over to pursue our dream of becoming a lifestyle brand, offering meditations + products that create feelings of connection, inspiration, and empowerment.

Our Values




The Woman Behind the Brand

Meet The Founder

Emma Fuglsby is the founder of Iridaeza, a certified yoga instructor, and a meditation teacher & coach. Passionate about design and communication, Emma started Iridaeza in early 2017 while living in Northern California, where she met an abundance of women entrepreneurs who desired help with their online presence. Now, she is inspired to share and curate a space where meditations and well-designed products for intentional living can co-exist. Emma is currently living on Guam where she will continue to grow Iridaeza, and in turn help others grow their businesses.

Meditation Background

A student of yoga and meditation for over 10 years, Emma teaches meditation based in self-compassion and mindfulness techniques. Her goal is to help people understand their inner selves a little better, and offers personal mantra guidance to pair with the awareness that arises within a mindfulness practice. In early 2018 she received her Yoga Teacher Certificate from Tosha Yoga in Arcata, California, and throughout the years has sat at 10-day silent meditation retreats.

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