Jennifer Wiest

Founder, owner, product developer, & practitioner at Amrita Botanicals.

Jennifer is based in Arcata, California. She offers sessions in person and virtually. Contact her to learn more & schedule!

Jennifer Wiest has been a student of Ayurveda since 2007. She is the founder, owner, product developer, and practitioner at Amrita Botanicals, an Ayurveda-inspired health & wellness brand. 

Jennifer holds certifications as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Panchakarma Technician, Ayurvedic Health & Life Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master, and in Aromatherapy, and she combines all of her healing modalities in sessions with her clients. She grows & distills many of her own herbs & plants which she uses in Amrita’s products, as well as in treatments with clients. 

Rediscover your divine balance, health, & vitality.

Advice from profession//field of study

One thing that has really changed my outlook on my practice, and my whole life, is the 80-20 rule. Finding a balance can be tricky, but if you do the things that keep you in balance 80% of the time, then that 20% percent of the time when you let loose (maybe stay up late, eat ice cream or lay around & read a book all day) it won’t throw you off balance, it can be a part of the enjoyment of life.

Bookclub Iridaeza book recommendation

Outlander Series, The Dovekeepers

Favorite iridaeza item

The Eye Mask