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This event is put on by Ina Wellness Collective. There will be meditations, yoga, journaling prompts, Ayurveda 101, a talk on personal mantras, and more!


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Great for both beginners and seasoned practitioners!

Ina Wellness Collective, on-demand Gratitude Series, voice recording – meditation starts at beginning, 10 min duration

Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Wellness Week, IGTV – meditation starts at about 4 mins, 20 min duration

Movewell, event teaser, IGTV – meditation starts at about 22 mins, 10 min duration

Discover Your Inner Landscape event with Amber Dawn, Zoom, Passcode: Ag9m#T$$ – meditation starts at beginning, 30 min duration

Meditations from Emma Fuglsby, meditation coach & founder of iridaeza

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A student of yoga and meditation for over 10 years, Emma teaches Vipassana-inspired meditation based in mindfulness techniques. Her goal is to help people understand their inner selves a little better, and she offers personal mantra guidance to pair with the awareness of thought-patterns that arise within a mindfulness practice. In early 2018 she received a 200 hour Yoga Teacher certificate from Tosha Yoga in Arcata, California, and throughout the years has sat at 10 day silent meditation retreats. She finds herself with a deep curiosity for self-knowledge and loves the learning that comes with teaching. 

A bit about how I came to teaching…

I was introduced to yoga almost 15 years ago and have been hooked ever since! The mindfulness aspect, the way it connected me to my body and breath, made a huge impact on my life. I started taking yoga classes in every city I visited, trying different styles, always learning fresh ways of being present, feeling energized and supported from the simple yet impactful postures, flows and studio spaces. A few years later I was introduced to Vipassana meditation. To learn the true Vipassana technique you must attend at least one 10-day silent meditation course, so I did, and wow, what a journey! A couple years later I attended a second 10-day sit, and I hope to attend more in the future (scroll down to read more about Vipassana). I started teaching meditation the summer of 2018, starting with community settings, and then branching out to work one-on-one with individuals. As we all experienced, 2020 drastically changed how we could gather together and I’ve since started teaching online for individuals, groups, and events.

Vipassana, the insight for things as they really are.

A 2,500 year old tradition from India, vipassana is often defined as a form of meditation that seeks insight into the true nature of reality. It is a process approached with self-observation and equanimity.

Emma is not a certified vipassana teacher, and does not teach the full technique of vipassana.