❢ Discover Your Inner Landscape

Emma Fuglsby & Amber Dawn present
Our finale meditation experience to witness & connect with yourself! Dec 19th

The inward energy of autumn is the perfect time to discover your inner landscape

December 19th meditation

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These experiences were created with reverence for your unique experiences. Our intention is to create and hold safe space for your journey inward.

This finale class is designed to gently awaken to inner knowing. How do we talk to and what do we believe about ourselves? What/Who talks to us and how can we listen with more clarity?

The class comes with journal prompts to contemplate and use for further connection between classes.

Live on Zoom

Saturday Evening, 5:30-7pm PST

❢ Dec 19th, Intro to Theta Healing & Meditation for Rewiring Your Limiting Core Beliefs

Join Emma & Amber on a journey to discover your inner landscape

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Thank you so much for your support! We look forward to seeing & journeying with you soon.