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you’re welcome, 2020

Many of you are mad at 2020, but many of you have much to be grateful for, and are happy to do the work in finding and spreading that gratitude. Wherever you are, I’m sure it’s a spectrum of feels.

“You’re welcome, 2020” means a few different things to me.

1) I like to think of 2020 saying thank you to me for making it through its twists and turns. This feels like an opportunity for me to forgive anything I might be angry with or scared of, even if I can’t exactly pinpoint what those things are.

2) An actual welcoming of it into my life; of integrating its twists and turns. Even though “the new year” is just a continuation of days, just like every year, month, week, it feels like a real moment of separation and moving forward.

Have you given yourself time to reflect? Have you allowed yourself real honesty with your thoughts? Have you been able to look with different perspective on what you feel strongly about? Can you hold in your heart what you went through last year with ease and clarity?

Asking questions is the most potent interaction you can create with yourself. Questions invite curiosity and reflection. They allow us the opportunity to interact with our thoughts in expansive ways. They plead with our ego to loosen the grip of identity.


However, what you think becomes reality. What we choose to sit with, cultivate, and ruminate on will become how we interact with ourselves and the communities we frequent.


However, choose carefully what you do believe and repeat, because it has power to shape your relationships, including the relationship you keep and nurture with yourself.

You’re welcome, 2020. You’re welcome in response to your thanks, and you’re welcome to be a part of my life- a part of my life filled with questions, reflections, and awareness for the details of my life and the world at large. You left me finding solace in the depths of myself.

✨Happy New Year y’all. With all my heart, I hope you and your family are well✨


the new age of cannabis

“You can be successful and still smoke weed.”

Welcome to the age of the thoughtful, successful stoner. Women are taking the reins in the cannabis industry (even if it may not feel that way all the time). We’re shaping the way we want this female plant medicine to look and feel when others approach the possibility of its use. With funding for research becoming more available, because legalization and decriminalization are becoming more prevalent, we’re learning so much about its benefits for everything from our emotional to our physical ailments.

There’s alot of talk about the endocannabinoid system, along with CBDs. These are the things that interact to give us the most health benefits. THC is the psychoactive compound that gives us the euphoric “high” we associate with “being stoned”, and it does have its own value for our health, but CBDs interacting with the endocannabinoid system, a system found throughout our bodies especially in the gut and the brain, provide profound results for overall health- without that feeling of being stoned.

I’ve been in the industry for about 10 years but with all the new research coming out, I definitely don’t know it all. Below are a few links to woman owned companies who you can continue to learn from and be inspired by.


NORML Women’s Alliance

Mary and Main

xo, Emma

more on bookclub iridaeza

We’ll be reading many different types of books, so, due to the social climate of the heightened awareness involving the injustices against our black sisters and brothers that have continued in this country for WAY TOO LONG, we will start by reading a book on racial justice & mindfulness. We care about this issue and we want to be involved in the roots of change, so let’s do this work together.

Join us any time from anywhere. And please leave comments, or replies, at the bottom of each book you choose to read. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. You are a vital part of 🌍 our 🌎 healing process. What you learn, experience, and share creates outlets for new ways for each of us to perceive and learn.

We’re so excited to share in this journey with you.

In order for us to keep a book club alive, we need to know what you want to read next!
The realms we want to stay in are mindfulness, wellness, women authors, bipoc authors, non-fiction, and within that, cannabis, activism, selfcare/selfhelp.. geared towards education and growth. 

If there’s a desire to meet on zoom or instagram live, we’re into that! Please share any feedback with us, we want to hear from you. 

With gratitude, Emma

a bit about social media management

for Love Life CBD

Working with design and intention, I will help build your brand and effectively interact with your target customers through the right type of social media action.

Photos are a big part of instagram (obviously). You can send me the photos you have and I can arrange them in a pleasing way- designing your page. I can also write copy for those photos, creating an informative and streamlined business experience with your page.

I love creating social media templates. These come in handy for promoting things such as events and product drops, and they’re super helpful for keeping brand consistency and organization while communicating all the moving parts of your brand//business.

Are you feeling stressed about finding the time, or the interest, in managing your social media accounts? I would love to help with that. Let’s talk about your needs, contact me at the link above.

Monthly packages, on-going

Event promotions, on-going & project-based

Instagram layout design, on-going & project-based

Canva template design, project-based

xo, Emma