you’re welcome, 2020

Many of you are mad at 2020, but many of you have much to be grateful for, and are happy to do the work in finding and spreading that gratitude. Wherever you are, I’m sure it’s a spectrum of feels.

“You’re welcome, 2020” means a few different things to me.

1) I like to think of 2020 saying thank you to me for making it through its twists and turns. This feels like an opportunity for me to forgive anything I might be angry with or scared of, even if I can’t exactly pinpoint what those things are.

2) An actual welcoming of it into my life; of integrating its twists and turns. Even though “the new year” is just a continuation of days, just like every year, month, week, it feels like a real moment of separation and moving forward.

Have you given yourself time to reflect? Have you allowed yourself real honesty with your thoughts? Have you been able to look with different perspective on what you feel strongly about? Can you hold in your heart what you went through last year with ease and clarity?

Asking questions is the most potent interaction you can create with yourself. Questions invite curiosity and reflection. They allow us the opportunity to interact with our thoughts in expansive ways. They plead with our ego to loosen the grip of identity.


However, what you think becomes reality. What we choose to sit with, cultivate, and ruminate on will become how we interact with ourselves and the communities we frequent.


However, choose carefully what you do believe and repeat, because it has power to shape your relationships, including the relationship you keep and nurture with yourself.

You’re welcome, 2020. You’re welcome in response to your thanks, and you’re welcome to be a part of my life- a part of my life filled with questions, reflections, and awareness for the details of my life and the world at large. You left me finding solace in the depths of myself.

✨Happy New Year y’all. With all my heart, I hope you and your family are well✨


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