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We’ll be reading many different types of books, so, due to the social climate of the heightened awareness involving the injustices against our black sisters and brothers that have continued in this country for WAY TOO LONG, we will start by reading a book on racial justice & mindfulness. We care about this issue and we want to be involved in the roots of change, so let’s do this work together.

Join us any time from anywhere. And please leave comments, or replies, at the bottom of each book you choose to read. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. You are a vital part of šŸŒ our šŸŒŽ healing process. What you learn, experience, and share creates outlets for new ways for each of us to perceive and learn.

We’re so excited to share in this journey with you.

In order for us to keep a book club alive, we need to know what you want to read next!
The realms we want to stay in are mindfulness, wellness, women authors, bipoc authors, non-fiction, and within that, cannabis, activism, selfcare/selfhelp.. geared towards education and growth. 

If there’s a desire to meet on zoom or instagram live, we’re into that! Please share any feedback with us, we want to hear from you. 

With gratitude, Emma

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